Thursday, November 19, 2015

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

The Christmas season is truly the most awaited and most exciting time of the year.

In the Philippines, the anticipation for the holidays starts on Day 1 of the so called “ber” months. Christmas songs are now being played over the radio, malls and different establishments showcase colorful displays, and everyone are beginning to be generous and starts to make a list and shop for gifts for their friends and loved ones.

In the midst of this festive atmosphere, we can’t deny the fact that we are also bound to experience even worse traffic congestion, longer lines in MRT and LRT stations, and the pressure of finishing all school or office works before the Christmas break is bigger than ever. Thus, everyone is prone to sickness during this time. The unpredictable weather that we experience these days also adds to all the hassles that we face.

To boost your immunity this holiday season, here are five (5) tips you might find useful. To stay healthy this Christmas, just remember FERN-C:

F-ind time to relax. You’ve been very busy all year-long. Don’t you think its time your body takes its much-deserve break? A good resort is just a few hours drive from the chaotic metropolis or you can do a hotel staycation for a day or two. Just make sure that you won’t be bringing any paper work during your vacation, okay?

E-xercise. It’s easier said than done. Can you still remember when was the last time you hit the gym? Or where you placed the abs flexer you bought for yourself last Christmas? Stretch your body or run a few kilometers regularly because it will also make you a more productive employee when you are fit and well. And also, pushing the shopping cart is not considered an exercise.

R-ight diet. I’m sure as early as now you have already received invitations to different Christmas parties and gatherings with friends. You  will feast on very generous dining tables and soon you’ll realize that you have gained weight. If you want to avoid this, choose healthy food, don’t overeat and resist the call of the lechon saying, “Eat me!”
N-ot too much alcohol. Over drinking liquor can hurt you in many ways. You can either be involved in a vehicular accident, get headache the morning after you drown in alcohol, or be seriously ill. Know when to say stop. Don’t listen to your friends who teases you to drink more. Follow the "instructions" indicated on the label of your brandy: "Drink moderately".

 C-heer up! Christmas time means happiness. Unless you’re the Grinch, you are excused to frown and hate the holidays. Be merry and create happy memories with your colleagues. Smile, laugh and have fun. Spread good vibes. It will not only make you healthy physically but it also promotes a healthy relationship with others.

To double your tolerance against all sorts of sickness that the busy holiday season brings, be sure to equip yourself with a trusted brand like Fern-C, the leading non-acidic vitamins in the country. It gives three benefits to the body if a dose is taken everyday--- immunity system booster to protect your body from flu, dengue and other illness, anti-oxidant that fights against the effects of free radicals and cancer, and collagen producer to make your skin looking young.

Wishing you all a merry Fern-C Christmas and a healthy new year!

To know more about Fern-C, visit their official website, like their official FB fanpage and follow @FERNCOnline on Twitter and @fernofficial on Instagram.     

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