Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On rainy days, hugot lines and a bottle of Neosep

The rainy season is here again.

Along with it, we should start to prepare for the health and well-being of our family because everyone is prone to illness brought about by sudden rainfall, floods and other weather-related hassles.

Expect people to start to talk about their headaches, flu, cough and cold posts in their social media accounts and soon you might even find yourself joining the band wagon.

But what’s good about us Pinoy is that we find a way to inject fun in things we share online despite experiencing sore throats, clogged nose and a body temperature enough to use your armpits to re-heat those cold pizzas in the ref. Here are some hugot lines I created while bed resting in the house with fever and cold.


Got to share these hugots in the hope that some of you who are under the weather will be cheered up. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right? But of course, let’s be realistic, we need to at least intake some medicines to help our body recover fast especially when we need to finish our tasks, like this pending blog post.

Personally, one brand that I trust when it comes to fighting colds is Neosep. I’m sure you’ll agree. I’ve been a fan of this wonder tablet since high school because it never fails to help in bringing back my body and senses in tip-top shape. Of course, there were times that I also used other brands but always comes back to Neosep because “hiyang ako.

How much do I trust the Neosep? Well, it’s the same brand I give to my 6-year old son whenever he has colds. We never have a hard time giving it to him because of its child-friendly taste compared to other syrup which we commonly describe as “lasang gamot.” I won’t be surprised if he’ll share the our family’s trusted brand to his future kids.

Know more about Neosep and other trusted products via www.unilab.com.ph.

Bonus hugot lines, you like?    

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