Tuesday, July 15, 2014

10 Out of the Ordinary Things you can do at Gratchi’s Getaway

For working dads like me, weekends are usually spent home either for quality time with family and friends or resting… lots of resting.

But last weekend was a little different than what I normally do after waking up on a Saturday morning. I did not accompany my wife in the Saturday market. I did not cook mushroom soup or pancakes for my son. I did not even touch my external hard drive for a movie marathon.

Yeah, I was a little guilty to skip my “man of the house” duties and “me time” but it was one special weekend getaway I find interesting and exciting that I had to move a mountain (of laundry, actually) so my wife would allow me.

To cut the story short, I woke up this weekend in the midst of Tagaytay's newest destination for a great escape. It’s called Gratchi's Getaway but I call it a newfound haven. This farm resort  is a 6-hectare stretch of natural landscape conveniently located in Tagaytay, five minutes from Tagaytay-Calamba Road (2.4 km.). Blessed with a wide range of natural features and a refreshingly cool breeze of fresh mountain air, Grachi’s Getaway is the perfect venue for events, conferences, seminars, team-building activities, educational tours, workshops, or simply for leisure, relaxation and wellness.

I only spent a day and a half at Gratchi’s but it was enough for me to experience some of the best things they offer to every guests who comes in this farm resort.  I have come out with a list of the 10 Out of the Ordinary Things you can do at Gratchi’s Getaway.

Play with chicks and your wife will not mind at all. There are farm animals near the entrance that sets the mood that you’ll be basking rural life and will be hearing more of chuckles, quacks and barks than car horns and other city noises.

Invade a private home. Mushrooms galore in this room which staff of Grachi’s take care day in, day out. These mushrooms are being used to surprise guests with new food delights like mushroom sisig, fried mushroom, kare-kare and other yummy treats.

Touch and rub a chiseled set of abs. This cute piglet loves to be pet and easily get to sleep when you massage his tummy.   

Aim and shoot all you can. Well, I’m talking about the food shots of course. Every meal served by Gratchi’s are guaranteed fresh, clean and organic because almost every ingredient of their dishes comes from their farm.

From ATV to Zip. Vroom and zoom with all-terrain vehicles for rent or swing and shout from the top of your lungs as you descend through a zip line from a tower to station on the other side of the resort with just some harness wrap on you.
Put your life against the ropes. Instant mountain trekking can be arrange here which is a sure amazing experience especially for people who have been longing to spend time for nature tripping.
Open a can of worms. Well, our group did and we had a blast fishing for fun. All of us caught at least a fish but we put them all back into the water. We instantly got hooked in this activity.

Dream. Believe. Survive. My fellow bloggers and I were given a chance to do some teambuilding activities. We were like daydreaming when we were asked to cross a hanging bridge with only ropes to step on.  Good thing we believed in ourselves and survived all the tasks.

Drink animal poop. Said to be the most expensive coffee in the world that exudes an almost musical, fruity aroma, Coffee Alamid (which is available at Gratchi's Gift Shop) has a strong, sweet, dark chocolatey taste. The Civet Cat uses its nose to choose the ripest and sweetest coffee cherries that gives their droppings a great taste like no other. You'll meet an Alamid near the entrance of the farm resort.

Cook hotdog without oil. Gather woods and lots of stories and the night will be perfect with these treats on stick.

Kudos to fellow bloggers who shared this very memorable getaway at Grachi’s: JemanVillanueva; Rod Magaru, Rodel Flordeliz, Rey Belen and Cristelle Torres.

Thank you to the warm reception of the owners of the resort farm: Ms. Gratchi Nuval and her son Geoffrey who is one of the facilitators at Gratchi’s.

For more information visit www.gratchi.com and like their fan page www.facebook.com/GratchisGetaway. Location: Tagaytay / Barangay Cabangaan, Silang, Cavite, Philippines.

For General Inquiries:  02-664-1633 (Landline) / 0918-910-9633 (Smart) / 0922-847-2824 (Sun) or email info@gratchi.com. For Team Building with Facilitation: teambuilding@gratchi.com.

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