Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Unlock some office skills: Astig way to be a better employee

I hate office work.

But of course, I just can't leave my job today and pop a sticky note on the forehead of my boss that says "I quit!"

I hate office work but I love my family. In short, no food if no job. That's why I need to improve on some of my skills if I want to be someone here in our workplace aside from being known as "the guy who laughs so hard at his one knock-knock jokes."

You know what, I think I have to break my usual drill here in my cubicle and better start being a better version of me. How I hope it can be done as easy as it said or as easy like creating a powerhorse model employee with amazing abilities using an app on my tablet.

Well, we can do some imagination for now on how I'd like to be the perfect office guy in our office.

Type faster and flawlessly.
My boss once told me that I type like his grandmother. The next time he disctates a report, he'll get it bookbinded and covered with a colorful book cover of Winnie the Pooh before he can even say, "Yours Truly"

Never forget any detail.
It's always an awkward feeling when you're already presiding a meeting to discuss your presentation and you forgot an important detail on your report like the say, the name of the company's president. So please, God. Give at least 32GB more of memory for storage.

Create awesome presentation decks.
It's definitely an awesome feeling when your clients are impressed with your slides. The same feeling when received your first-ever SMS in your first-ever mobile phone. Made me think how did it feel again?

Multitask at any given time.
Time is gold. We have heard that so many times that I have no time to listen to people who are about to say such idiom. Kidding aside, Girl, if you can do three things at the same time, you're three times a lady!

How about you, what skills do you like to unlock? Feel free to share your thoughts and be part of the KitKat Break Movement.