Monday, April 7, 2014

Run for Mother Earth: Pro Earth Run 2014

In my opinion, man learned the art of running first before walking.

To those who don’t agree, try to imagine yourself living in the prehistoric era, waking up in the morning surrounded by a pack of T-Rex or Giganotosaurus checking which part of you is good for a power breakfast. Instinct, guys. During those times, almost every living thing on Earth grew up on the run.

Fast forward to present time. People nowadays have different reasons why they run. Some run to go to work. Others run to finish errands. But the most popular form of running today is fun run and other types of competitive running like marathon, 100m dash, etc.

In the Philippines, different organizations stage fun runs almost every week. One of the event happening soon is the Pro Earth Run 2014 scheduled this coming Saturday (April 12) at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Earth Day Network Philippines (EDNP), the local counterpart of the Global Earth Day International will spearhead this event as part of the Earth Day Celebration on April 22. EDNP is a network of organizations that campaigns for environment protection and awareness working together with different government agencies, private corporations and non-government organizations.

I will be part of this event as a sign of my commitment to spread the word or theme of the event “Protect, Respect, Oversee Earth Care.” Another reason for joining this is because running is one of the cheapest and easiest form of exercise. No equipment needed. Just a pair of running shoes (well, some even run barefoot) and willing feet.

Few slots are still open for 1.5K & 3K categories until April 10. Please call (02) 9042304 or 9049826 if interested.

Happy running, guys!


Lei said...

I think that its a great advocacy.. I was invited to go to that run on Saturday. Hope to see you there.

Amazing Jing Javier said...

Happy that you're part of that very meaning Pro Earth Run! Way to go! Hope it would be a success! ;-)

Unknown said...

Parang ang cool naman to run with doraemon. :)) But seriously, I love how a run like this is beneficial to you and to the advocacy. Another great way to help mother earth. :)

Unknown said...

Nuks! Astigin! How i wish makasali ako sa Advocacy na yan! And sana ang mgasasali, itapon ng mabuti ang paper cups, mineral bottles sa right garbage bin

COngrats! Goodluck!