Monday, January 14, 2013

Useless Bossy Facts

After the long holiday break, most of us are either raring or inert to go back to work because of different reasons: backlogs, unfinished year-end report, pending projects and your first meeting with your boss for the year.

To some, their first encounter with the company’s head honcho at the start of a year is a make or break thing. Well it all depends on one’s performance in the previous 12 months. Whether he smiles at you or wears a blank face every time you meet him in the hallway, your boss is someone you’ll be working with all year round, or for as long you intend to stay in his group.    

So before you go to his office anytime soon, why not read some bossy facts that you might want to share to him during your meeting. These will not guarantee a salary raise but they can sure help start a good conversation.      

·         There is such a thing as National Boss Day created in 1958 by Patricia Haroski, a secretary at State Farm Insurance Company. It was said to have started to pay tribute to managers in the company. Its official date (October 16) is Patricia’s father’s birthday.
  • There are 6.7 million managers in the US (5% of the US workforce) and 1.6 million managers in Canada (10% of the Canadian workforce)
  • “Boss” is the #3714 most common last name in the U.S. with an estimated 7500 persons using it.
  • The word “boss” is from the Dutch word “baas” (meaning "a master"), a standard title for a ship’s captain. It was in 1625 that the word was used in English. The popularity of “boss” in American English may be an egalitarian avoidance of master
  • In the dictionaries, “boss” was defined as (1) Slang - in the 50’s, ‘boss’ meant great, first-rate or topnotch; (2) Barnyard - 'boss' is another name for a cow or calf; and (3) Medicine - a ‘boss’ is a name for a rounded swelling, protuberance or humpback … so, this sentence is technically feasible: Your boss did a boss job healing the boss’s itchy boss.
  • Other boss facts: Bossiest town: Boss, Missouri (population 609); Boss Nicknames: 'The Boss’ – Bruce Springsteen, singer / songwriter; ‘Boss Tweed’ - William Marcy Tweed, infamous corrupt New York politician and ‘The Big Bossman – American pro wrestler; Boss Songs: Big Boss Man (Elvis Priestly) ; I Love My Boss (Moxy Fruvous).

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