Friday, April 20, 2012

So you think you are Astig?

ASTIG - (ahhs-teeg) is a Filipino slang word used to describe anything cool, kick-ass or badass awesome. Derived from the Filipino word "tigas" which means hard or tough.

I always thought that I am one astig person not because I can bully around people or stab fear in the heart of anyone with a mere grin.  That's not me.

I am astig because I want to believe that I have given the best I can in everything I do.  I have conquered some of my fears... reached places I never imagined I can go... accomplished tasks what were once seems impossible.

What the heck am I talking about. Dami kong pasakalye! Actually, all I want to say is that I have found a cool product that just suit my taste.  It just happened that its brand name is the same as my blog.  The next time you visit your favorite grocery store, try to grab a tetra pack or bottle of Astig Energy Drink  and you'll find out why I am into this drink these days.

It was in my vacation in Aklan last week when I stumbled upon this energy drink. And it was love at first sip.  It should have been a relaxing 3-day vacation but I need to finish some stuff for my blog and good thing, I have something to keep me going for a few more hours before I hit the bed.

Astig Energy Drink is a functional beverage made with unique blends of high quality ingredients. It invigorates the mind and body for optimal performance. It's one of the quality products from Juan Republik Foods and are now available in Puregold branches Like Astig Energy Drink on facebook and get updates for upcoming events and promotions.

Just to make this clear, I am not paid to do this post. I am just pumped up with this beverage that I can't help but blog about it!  

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