Friday, February 3, 2012

Soyami is so yummy, I am so happy


What do you get if you put a buffet of healthy food, fun-loving people, loot bags, and Marc Nelson all in one place?

Satisfied tummies and happy faces!

It happened last January 25 at Tourne by Chef Sandralyn at The Fort Strip in Taguig City.  I was invited to the Healthy Night with Soyami where one of the highlights is the awarding ceremonies for the Snacking Without the Guilt blogging contest to which I joined.  And boy, the occasion was indeed a blogger's delight.

One of the yummy and healthy food delight served in the event
Aside from the fact that I was able to mingle with my friends in the blogging community, I also met new faces and had the privilege of being Marc Nelson's "ad-lib guy."  You see, there were eight  Richards who attended the event.  During the first round of raffling some prizes, Marc mentioned the name of the first winner who happen to be a Richard.  Our table became a little rowdy where almost everyone in our group already congratulating me for winning.  It turns out that it was Richard Santos who won and not me. A Wow, Mali! moment.

Two more Richards where called but unfortunately not with my surname. So in the next round of drawing of names, Marc would look at me first before he takes a name from the fish bowl but still no luck... the next closest name he got was Ricky.

I am not very lucky in raffle draw so I just told him I am used to it.  But later in the night, I got a little treat from this model/ host hunk when he announced that "this blogger had a slow start but now he's taking home the 3rd prize of the blog contest." And he finally got to mention my name and I took home Php 3000 and a month-supply of Soyami Soya Chips.

Yeah! A month of snacking without the guilt since Soyami is made with Real Soya, no MSG, high in Protein and Calcium and 0% transfat.  It’s available in 3 flavors: Original, Pizza and White Cheddar.

(L-R) Marc Nelson, 2nd prize winner Melanie Abuel, 1st prize winner Paige San Juan, me and Ms. Apple Morales
And thus I say thank you Soyami for win!  Special thanks to Mr. Mc Richard Paglicawan (yes, another Richard) who invited me to join the contest; Ms. Apple Morales, President and Owner of AM Global Works Marketing Corporation; Marc (mentioned your name here four times to return the favor) and all the event's sponsors:

    Q-Life : Face One
    Fruit Magic
    Fitness First
    Haribon Foundation
    Suncoast : Lightwater and Vit. Boost
    Fernbelly - Treehugger
    Rudy Project 

Now, all i can say is Soyami is so yummy, I am so happy!


Unknown said...

Congratulations, dear ^_^ Another win for you! sabi na mananalo ka eh. hehe.

Richard Mamuyac said...

Thanks for the good luck message, naambunan ako ng swerte ng buntis! :)