Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The World Will End on October 21... Magkita naman tayo!

Cartoon by Bob Englehart from The Hartford Courant
Whenever I hear news about soothsayers predicting about the end of the world on a certain date, I would just smile and say to my self, “Who the heck are these people to know when our planet will stop rotating.”

The last individual who boldly predicted rapture was evangelist Harold Camping who said in a special broadcast on his radio program Open Forum that May 21, 2011 is THE DAY.  Of course, it did not happen.  After five months, guess who’s back with a new prophecy--- Mr. Camping.

Now he’s saying that October 21, 2011 is the REAL DEAL.  Well, that’s just a few days from now and I bet this 90-year old wannabe fortune teller will again eat his words and hopefully will be fed up with it and just spent his remaining years on Earth drafting his will and testament, or why not make a bucket list instead.

Hmmm… which kinda inspire to come up with my own bucket list for the spirit of fun if indeed, October 21 is the end of the world.

I’ve been known to my friends as a person who easily got stars trucked whenever I meet celebrities specially when I least expect them.  More than likely, I will never leave the venue until I have a photo with the celeb.  So, here are the five local personalities I’d like to have a picture with before October 21:

Vic Sotto.  I am arguably his biggest fan.  I have watched his TV shows and movies ever since.  I even have clippings of news, features and interviews on newspapers and magazines and video copies of his films when I was a kid only to loose a lot of them during a nasty flood that hit our home in Pasig more than a decade ago.  I have watched Eat Bulaga live at Broadway Centrum for a number of times but never had the chance to get near him.  My best Vic Sotto experience happened when he greeted me and my wife on air in an episode of Eat Bulaga on December 2006, a week before our wedding, after he read an article I wrote about him for The Philippine Star.  With Vic Sotto mentioning my name… priceless!

Vina Morales.  I am not ashamed to admit that I have a crush on Vina--- with all her muscles and sometime kinda OA way of singing.  I don’t care what other people say but the moment I heard her sing “Perslab” during the Wednesday edition of That’s Entertainment, I was just swept away and still a fan until today.  I had so many chances of meeting her since I worked for three years with the VIVA Entertainment Group, his mother studio then, but it never not happen.  My best Vina Morales experience was on my 25th birthday.  I was in the shooting of our company's TV commercial when I got a call from a well-wisher.  My office mates who were left in the office manage to ask Vina to call and greet me on that special day.  I still keep the autograph picture of Vina which she left on my office table with the note, “Hope to meet you someday”

Ronald Tubid. I am a certified Ginebra fan ever since I learned to love the game of basketball.  When I was young, I sometimes end up in a fight with other kids who would say bad words about my all-time basketball idol, former Senator Robert Jaworski (who I also want to meet).  When the Big J left the PBA, I looked for another cager to follow and I found Tubid--- a former school mate at the University of the East Manila.  He was known as “The Saint” in the early years of his career after being tapped as the face of the next Filipino saint Pedro Calungsod.  But because of his rugged plays and dare-devil attitude towards the game, he was christened as Mr. Fearless.  My wife knows this, I have skipped countless dinners and some important occasions just to watch Tubid and the Gin Kings play. Uber but true.

Ely Buendia.  I don’t know if I would ever enjoy college life that same way I did if Ely and the Eraserheads were not able to penetrate the local music scene in the 90's.  Thank God, it did not happen.  Eheads’s music was my anthem during the time I was looking for inspiration as a working student who has only enough money in my pocket for the cheapest meal and jeepney fare to go home on a day-to-day basis.  On my first year in college, the band scored a hit with “Ligaya” from their first studio album and the rest is history.  They are the only artists, local and foreign, whose songs I will never get tired of listening to.  Until now, I still can’t believe how I manage to buy all their albums since the cost of the tape then (a little over Php 150) was already my one week allowance.  Huwag mo nang itanong sa akin.

Ricky Lo.  If only I have the look of Piolo Pascual, height of say, Dingdong Dantes and the voice of Martin Nievera… I could have been a movie star.  Well, I thought then that being a movie fan is the nearest thing I can be until Ricky Lo, Editor of the Entertainment section of The Philippine Star opened the doors to writers who wants to contribute articles and movie reviews.  I don’t know if Ricky knows how people like me feels seeing our names going side by side with the newspaper regular columnists like Boy Abunda, Joey de Leon, Venus Raj and other veteran writers.  Feeling celebrity na rin ako for a day.  I have a dozen of my articles Ricky has allowed to be published in the newspaper which I will forever be thankful.  Thank you so much, Sir Ricky!

I really have a long list of the people I want to meet but since October 21 is just within the week, I'll have a short list for now.  Oh well, I can make another list after the said date. That is if the prediction is wrong.


Louie said...

I like it! Iba talaga ang impact ng isang tao pag may nagawang mabuti sa pangkalahatan. (",)

Richard Mamuyac said...

Thanks Louie. ikaw ano-ano nasa bucket list mo?