Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Suplado Show: Snubbing it is not an option


How do you spend a stormy weekend with only a few hundred bills in your wallet and hope that you’ll see beautiful people and have the time of your life?

Pray hard.

Well, I did and I was invited to the Suplado Show held at the Grillery Café in Makati City last August 26.  The weather was not cooperative which changed my friend’s mind to accompany me that night.  Good thing, I have the two best-ever replacements for mga taong indyanero (tse, kayong lahat!). The replacements are the kind of people who are ready to meet you anytime and anywhere as long as you’ll have to cover all the expenses.  Nah, just kidding… these people just wants to have fun that’s why they immediately said yes when I said, “maliligayahan kayo” (which I believed they have taken seriously and expecting something kinky).

But they actually got more than they have expected (less the kinky stuff, of course) when I tagged them along to Stanley Chi’s riot of a show.

The event opened with a display of mind-boggling tricks from the man known as the Mental Assassin, Justin Piñon.  You might have seen him over TV5’s Magic Bagsik but I tell you, it’s much much better when he performs his skills live.  He did mind reading, predicted what my friend will choose among pictures displayed on stage and guessed how much money a volunteer from the audience was holding including its serial number while multi-blindfolded.
Justin Piñon
After the unthinkable, we were treated to more than a half an hour of insanity courtesy of ventriloquist extraordinaire Ony Carcamo with his good old friend Mr. Parley, the puppet who consider himself as the “pinakamalas na tao sa buong mundo.”  The duo was hilarious and presented new materials mixed with some classic jokes delivered in a way it will make you laugh like hell.  I love the way they interacted with the audience and my favorite part in their skit is their take on the popular game, Pinoy Henyo.
Ony Carcamo with Mr. Parley
I thought I have no more laughs left in my tank but when Stanley went on stage and started dishing out his own brand of humor--- tuloy ang ligaya!  He is my kind of stand up comic since he doesn’t humiliate anyone from his audience just to make people laugh.  His script was well taught and people can relate to the many amusing anecdotes he shared that night. The slumbook, the digital clock shown over RPN 9 then, and his I am Chinese moments are simply awesome.

Almost everyone who watched the show has a souvenir to bring home from Suplado/ Suplada button pins, shirts, Stanley Chi’s books (Btw, his Suplado Tips is already sold out) and Unisilver gift certificates.

With Stanley Chi and my new Suplado watch (tse!)
I am just super happy that I brought home the biggest prize of them all that night--- Php1000 worth of Unisilver GCs and the fact that I am the very first owner of the Suplado watch in the world after winning the Suplado Blog Contest.

No thanks to the heavy rain, I went home all wet (except the Suplado watch which I really took good care).  But who cares, at least I had a grand time at the Suplado Show and snubbing it is not an option.

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shyvixen said...

hahahhahaa.. exposed pala ako dito.... dehins u nmn sinabi kuya... :)) anywaysssss.... love to read your blog... and ikinagagalak ko at nakilala ko kayo... TWO THUMBS UP!