Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things I can do with a Samsung Smart TV

I consider this generation as the luckiest batch of people who ever lived.

Why? You may ask. Just think of it, we got to experience just the right amount of technology--- not too crude, not too super high-tech. Just enough to help us go though our daily rituals and attain success.

20 years ago, you can do the following things with the limited technology that we have then:

1. Meet a friend in a mall even if you last spoken with him/ her a week ago. “Kita tayo sa bookstore sa Sunday after lunch?” was the last words you said and the meeting is set and your buddy will really be there no matter what.

2. Patiently wait for a letter from a love one overseas. Do you still remember the priceless feeling of getting an enveloped message from the mail box? (Btw, when was the last time you went to the post office?) Back then, people eagerly wait for the post man to pass by their homes likes it’s an event.

3. Get a game console worth like Php 200 and be that popular kid in school. I am actually referring to the early 90’s brick game phenomenon. Getting the highest level or score in Tetris among your classmates was everyone’s goal and ticket to stardom (Eat Bulaga even had a nationwide search for the ultimate Pinoy brick game champ).

Of course, a lot of things are a way way different now. You have a triple SIM cellphone and all and you still can’t figure where your BFF is at. You are pissed off because you indicated ASAP in your email and you got a reply after an hour. Try playing Tetris today and be labeled as “manong” or “manang”

Well, these are the little “not so pleasant things” that technology brings but who’s complaining? With the convenience and good life that it gives to us today, it’s an ally we are more than willing to embrace.

We might not live to experience teleportation booth or flying cars but as I said earlier, this generation has the right amount of technology--- not too crude, not too super high-tech.

When Samsung, one of the world’s most trusted names in product innovations, announced the release of their Smart TV. I can’t help but get excited because I’ve been hearing a lot of good stuff about the technology. It’s like a taste of future in today’s home.

Then, I saw this challenge posted on Facebook: Tell us the things you can do with a Samsung Smart TV! My immediate answer is, “A lot!!!”

To enumerate my plans of what I’d do just in case the tech fairy will grant me a Smart TV, I used the brand name SAMSUNG in coming out of the list:

Surf TV channels and websites online simultaneously. The Smart TV has a web browser, a social hub and a dual display capability that will allow my 2-year old son watch Barney and Friends while I search online for other alternatives for the sometime annoying purple dinosaur.

Amaze my family and neighbors with its sleek design. I have a neighbor who love to flaunt his abs every weekend while cleaning his big bike or watering their plants. I can’t beat the body of this bum who just wait for his monthly allowance from his wife working overseas but he will never be as smooth and gorgeous as this TV.

Make a contribution in the call for energy conservation. Samsung has also been known to introduce energy-saving devices in their products. Smart TV is one product that has a feature that reduces energy consumption. Now, you are not only helping the government save energy, you also lower your monthly electricity bill. That means, there will be something left for you when you give your pay check to your wife.

Sing my heart out during videoke sessions. Owning a Smart TV is definitely a reason to celebrate so let’s party! Imagine those dramatic skit or Michael Jordan dunks or women wearing almost nothing that serves as background while you hit the note of your fave song in LED. Wow! Just delete “My Way” in your play list to make sure your enjoyment will not be cut short.

Unlock and experience the future of home entertainment. I heard Samsung will introduce the industry’s first app store to enhance and maximize the features of Smart TV. It’s like adults will be like kids again choosing what candies and goodies to get from their favorite sari-sari store. Now, I miss Pee Wee, Cheeze It and Tarzan chewing gum.

Nightly movie marathons in superior picture and sound. Smart TV is not only compatible with DVD players and game consoles but you can also connect laptops. I have digital files of movies of different genre saved through the years and I think this is the right moment to watch them in 3D picture and 3D sound. I wonder how my Seiko Films collection will appear in 3D?

Give my family a quality and ground-breaking product. I first encountered the phrase "Human Digitalism" early this year while browsing the net. Samsung wants to incorporate in their products this Philosophy which says "the next step in the evolution of consumer electronics is to place human life at the center of the creative process." This excites me like I’m with my wife in our honeymoon--- no one else with me but only the best!

How about you? What things can you do with a Samsung Smart TV?

For more updates about the Samsung Smart TV, you can visit Samsung Philippines official website or Samsung TV Philippines Facebook fanpage.


Mommy Leah said...

Wow! I'd love to have a Smart TV at home! nakaka-amaze!

PMAP is amazing! said...

Now, that's what you call the TV of the future!