Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am a Taste Test Pilot!

I might have been a goat in my previous life.

It’s not like I smell bad or I am a lecher, I just love the feeling of having a chewing gum in my mouth most of the time.

“Kambing ka ba?”

I am immune to hearing that question since the day I discovered Mentos in high school. Funny but the first time I got a hold of this gum is when a classmate asked me to bite it and place it unto a newly-opened bottle of soda. The result: my two amazed eyes wide open.

From then on, I have been a sucker, figuratively and literally, to this crunchy and soft gum. I have tasted and chewed almost every flavor and sizes of Mentos from the minty to the fruity-flavored ones, to those cube-shaped in boxes to the original flat egg-like singles in a pack.

My all time favorite is the classic variant which I have grown chewing. I could either play my tongue on its crunchy shell ‘till it softens or immediately break it with my teeth the moment I pop it inside my mouth. The outcome would just be the same--- an undefined chewing experience that only Mentos can bring.

Just recently, I was privileged to be chosen as one of the first few to take a crack (again, figuratively and literally) on the newest variant of my favorite gum: Sugarfree Mentos Pure Fresh with Green Tea.

As a Mentos Taste Test Pilot, I have undergone one of the most exciting tests I have ever encountered--- chew all the Mentos I can. It’s almost a week since I received my taste test kit and here are my findings after a rigid process conducted in my mouth and taste buds:

“Sugarfree na, may green tea pa! Definitely, you’ll feel an intense sensation of freshness in your mouth with every bite. A blister pack contains seven gums but don’t expect it to last in seven days because I can finish one pack in only seven minutes.”

I think it’s also worth mentioning in this post that Mentos has been my ally to avoid smoking. I have worked in different companies in the past and noticed that when stress and pressure comes, many of my officemates would go to the designated “yosi” areas for a dose of stick or two. Not me. I say, “Isang Mentos lang yan.”

The next time my boss ask me, “Kambing ka ba?”

I’ll just give him my usual pogi and smart-looking smile and offer him a pack of the new of Mentos Pure Fresh with Green Tea and say, “Sugarfree po yan!”

This new product is now available and can be found in most grocery stores and C-stores nationwide.

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