Friday, October 22, 2010

Entrecard Contest, Everyone wins 5,000 credits!!

Have you heard of a contest that all participants will win?

In can only happen in a kiddie party where every child should get a treat during the games or you'll end up having crying toddlers in every corner of the room.

Then, I found out about Entrecard Contest, Everyone wins 5,000 credits. At first, I said it's to good to be be true. But then what will I loose if I try, right? And beside, Entrecard has been a great ally for bloggers like me in promoting personal blogs.

Entrecard is a free advertising network. It aims to help online business increase traffic to their site and network with others using EC credits that you will also earn for free or purchase at a minimal cost.

Here are the 8 reasons why you should join and sign up for a FREE account:

(1) Grow your web traffic
(2) Absolutely FREE to Join
(3) Increase your Sales & Revenue
(4) Network and make new friends
(5) Get your Online Business Card
(6) Extremely fun and enjoyable
(7) Increase your Alexa Ratings
(8) Award Winning Customer Service

For first-time members of, what a way to start with this cool contest.

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