Monday, April 5, 2010

Humor Me Makoy Contest

This is my entry to the Humor Me Makoy Contest. I have been following Makoy's blog because I like his writing style--- simple and with humor. Last year, Makoy posted a funny entry on how he celebrated his birthday. Check out Not So Lonely Birthday and it will definitely make you smile. My favorite part is when he mentioned that he had miswa that day. At least it's still noodles. So Pinoy! Ankulet! Just like my Nanay who never forget to remind us to cook something pansit or spaghetti on our birthday! Hmmm...Maybe that's one of the secret of Makoy and his blogs' longevity? :-)

His post also reminded me of a funny incident that happened more than a decade ago. My friend asked me for gift suggestions for the father of his girlfriend who lives in the province. He plans to go with his GF to visit her father but he wants to buy the old man a gift so their first meeting would start on a good note.

I told my friend to buy something that his future father-in-law can use. He agreed with the idea and called up his GF to ask what her father do for a living. We were in a mall that time and he was having little trouble talking to her over the phone. But my friend was able to hear that her father was a carpenter. So, he bought a new set of chisels, hammer and a saw from a hardware store and wrapped 'em in a big box sealed with a kiss.

A week later, I received a text message from my friend. He texted that although the old man finds his gifts useful, he can't use any of 'em at work since he is a Car Painter and not a Carpenter.


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Makoy said...

Thanks for joining! Funny story :)