Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pacquaio vs Clottey: A Podcast with Quinito Henson

I enjoy watching basketball games and boxing matches on TV especially if the commentators guiding the viewers offers great information, sidelights and trivia aside from the blow-by-blow account on hand.

One of the those people behind the mic during special sporting events who i really admire is "The Dean" Quinito Henson. Any Pinoy sports buff knows this man and his great approach in sports coverage.

That's why it was really a blast when I was chosen as one of the five boxing fans who joined him in his podcast primer of the upcoming Pacquaio-Clottey match in Texas on March 14 (the same day my son Charles Anthony will celebrate his first birthday).

The podcast which was recorded in a studio in Manila will be accessible via starting on Monday, March 8. It was such a great experience sharing my thoughts about the fight with Mr. Henson. I felt a little starstruck at first but he is accommodating and friendly in person and even shared his thoughts on other sports topics prior to our recording session.

The Dean also mentioned us (the lucky podcasters) in his regular column Sporting Chance in Philippine Star today (March 4).

What made the occasion more fun is when Quinot raffled some prizes to us. I was the first one to be picked and got an Ala Gym Shirt. The other two guys also got shirts with other brands while the top two winners took home a basketball and a wristwatch courtesy of his generosity. through Dino Maragay, Vernadette Joven and Jhon Richard Miguel also gave us a cool prizes each.

I hope my fearless forecast on the fight would come true so Pinoys around the world will have another reason to celebrate!

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