Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Choose and win what you want at Animetric’s World

When was the last time you felt that you’re in a place where you are surrounded with a lot of things that you wanna have?

Hmm… actually, just last week when I found myself “trapped” inside a toy shop. I again got into the same dilemma when I checked the anniversary promo of Animetric’s World. She has ons of great prizes for people who can best convince her that they deserve to win. It’s like choose and win what you want!

She has a set of Yummy cookbooks which I really need so I can finally cook adobo without ending up with lechon kawali.

But I also want to win the Neutregena Wave Starter Kit so I can have an oil-free face that looks better than my version of adobong baboy. Or maybe a bottle of Celeteque Advance to make me look younger so people will stop describing my relationship with my wife as a May-December affair. People…I’m just 4 years older than her.

A pair of VNC shoes would be a perfect gift to my wife on her birthday this coming April since one of her missions in life is to take a crack at Imelda Marcos' record. Well, I can also give her a pair of Havainas Slims for a planned summer trip in Aklan. Havainas and Boracay will be a great combo.

I haven’t been to Ace water Spa and I want to experience the great things I’ve read and heard about this water wonderland and massage center. And it will be a blast if I can bring my wife with me to enjoy such first time.

Last but certainly as fabulous as the other prizes is a Starbucks Clean and Green tumbler. I really want to get one of the pair Animetric is giving away. I plan to give it to our office messenger who has been very accommodating every time I asked him to pick-up my prizes courtesy of the promos that I joined.

So many prizes to choose from but I’m sure there are a lot of fellow followers of this blog who are also eyeing for the treat that they want.

Who will win what is Animetric’s last say. The name of the game is to make her give in to your plea :-)

Congratulations to Animetric and more power!

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