Monday, August 24, 2009

WWE Summerslam 2009 Results

The Highlights:

> Beth Phoenix won a 15-Diva Battle Royal prior to tonight's WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view.

> Rey Mysterio retains title vs. Dolph Ziggler
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

> MVP wins over Jack Swagger

> Chris Jericho & Big Show regains title vs. Cryme Tyme
Unified WWE Tag Team Championship Match

> Kane overpowers The Great Khali

> DeGeneration X dominated the Legacy

> Christian finished William Regal before I could finished sneezing
ECW Championship MAtch

> Randy Orton escapes John Cena
WWE Championship Match

> CM Punk dethrones Jeff Hardy
World Heavyweight Championship Match

> CM Punk gestures over the body of Hardy when the Undertaker comes up through the bottom of the ring and grabs CM Punk by the throat. The Undertaker gave him his signature choke slam and the crowd went wild. Summerslam ends

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